Open Letter Re: Policy on Sexual Assault on Campus

*** Sent to the account towards consultation on policy re: sexual violence on campus*** To Whom it May Concern, first off I’d like to commend the university on embarking on this consultation process to update and form much needed policy regarding the wide gamut of potential sexual misconduct and violence on campus. It has for Read more about Open Letter Re: Policy on Sexual Assault on Campus[…]

The Sound of Bubbles

In my overall focus on everyday soundscapes (and by ‘focus’ I mean purist preoccupation) I do tend to overlook the vast and exciting domain of auditory sensory training in the food and beverage industries, something that has not escaped the watchful eye of @multisensorymel. While it seems that taste and smell are more prevalent as ‘constructed’ Read more about The Sound of Bubbles[…]

“Science has given us music for cats”

 Oh lord, I think I may be a cat – I love this! Been thinking lately about art and humans and non-humans, and whether art is this elitist thing that belongs to humans only, and generally what is the role of art in human civilization, in society, where does it fit amongst other, seemingly more Read more about “Science has given us music for cats”[…]

Sensory Postcard: Five Elements

Just another observation of the clash of visual and sonic contexts that makes me realize how much I (we) am driven by the visual atmosphere of specific environments and that actually clashes with the holistic sensory experience of being there. I went to this favourite Vietnamese joint intending to chill, have lunch and do some Read more about Sensory Postcard: Five Elements[…]

Are smart phones ruining the world?

There is a lot of buzz of recently about the nature of presence in public spaces, including inter-personal communication (or lack thereof) and individual behaviour. Countless pieces have surfaced on the microblog universe and become ‘viral’ across different ‘virtual’ venues and online participants. WIth over 5 million views there is the interview with comedian CK Read more about Are smart phones ruining the world?[…]

Word on The Street Soundwalk series

Just a couple of exerpts from a lovely opportunity to do on-the-hour 20-minute soundwalks as part of the Vancouver Word on The Street project in 2012…it allowed us to just about circle the perimeter of Vancouver Public Library, but what a richness of different soundscapes – here is one exploration of a more typical ‘urban’ Read more about Word on The Street Soundwalk series[…]