Pitchfork – Intel Soundplay

Someone sent me a link to this a little while ago so I’m not positive if this is a game sound engine by Intel, run by the Unity browser, or just a catchy product title, but the two features audio game projects on the Intel site are quite wonderful. To call them games is really Read more about Pitchfork – Intel Soundplay[…]

Review – Dimensions: The Sonic Adventure Game

Ok, here are my super precious and wise thoughts on Dimensions the app, from the makers of RjDj and Inception. I am a long time RjDj user, love it, used Inception, it’s neat, so I was naturally really looking forward to Dimensions. An alternate reality ambient sound environment, for the iPhone? Yes! And here are my Read more about Review – Dimensions: The Sonic Adventure Game[…]

Aural postcard – LANcouver

It’s been a little while for aural postcards for me … And I’ve actually collected some good ones but haven’t put any up. This weekend was LANcouver, a LAN gaming event at an old warehouse behind Great Northern Way campus…It was a rich and amazing aural atmosphere that included pretty much drag queen techno from Read more about Aural postcard – LANcouver[…]

Aural Postcard: Sounds of PAX

PAX was an absolute aural candy as far as documenting goes…I probably drove my companion nuts recording, taking video, constantly measuring the environment. Inventory: The space was around four adjacent open-concept high-ceiling halls, as big as stadiums it seemed that housed games expos, vendors, gigantic individual company exhibits (Disney’s was particularly notable) complete with their individual mini-stages, and miked announcers. Lack Read more about Aural Postcard: Sounds of PAX[…]

Game Sound Machinima – HL

Quite amazing game sound machinima from Half-Life, found on YouTube…wow! There are a few others that are cool from Fallout 3 or Halo, which use gunshot sounds to create complex beat melodies, but this one is particularly interesting to me because it actually uses a human voice making vocal sound effects, dubbed over a silent Read more about Game Sound Machinima – HL[…]

Aural Postcard: Video Games Live

This was my first Video Games Live. Even though I went to a Final Fantasy – themed concert, I hadn’t been to VGL. Wow! What a great, fun, interesting event. Where do I begin – the demographic of 80% pimply teenagers filling the Queen E Theatre, the guitar hero competition in the lobby, the whistling Read more about Aural Postcard: Video Games Live[…]

Game Sound Journals – Harry Potter UK

Ever since I listened to a talk by one of the lead sound designers at the UK-based Electronic Arts about their work on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I’ve been impressed. The actually took the time to incorporate stealth mode with sound (i.e. moving the character slowly enough so that their footsteps are Read more about Game Sound Journals – Harry Potter UK[…]