Pitchfork – Intel Soundplay

Someone sent me a link to this a little while ago so I’m not positive if this is a game sound engine by Intel, run by the Unity browser, or just a catchy product title, but the two features audio game projects on the Intel site are quite wonderful. To call them games is really Read more about Pitchfork – Intel Soundplay[…]

Review – Project NOW

And to follow up – my review on RJDJ’s latest app, in beta testing, Project NOW – the “perfect music for every moment”. Basically it is a fancy, glorified version of iTunes shuffle/genius, compiles your musical preferences by your own feedback of whether they #win or #fail. The catch – it selects music based on Read more about Review – Project NOW[…]

From the Walkman to RJDJ

A recent interview I accidentally came into with Co-op radio Soundscape programme hosted by Brady Marks urged me to rediscover my previous work with RJDJ. Since I’ve been driving, it’s been honestly less enticing to use soundtrips and such, and work hasn’t allowed me that much time for playing around with interactive music and process Read more about From the Walkman to RJDJ[…]

Groove Coaster! A proper Guitar Hero for the iThing of your choice

Groove Coaster is a not so well known iPhone beat-matching game I heard about on … of all places, Feminist Frequency. Unlike the few other imitation Guitar Hero’s out there, like Rock Band, GH, Tapulous, etc. Groove Coaster is reminiscent more of the rhythm-point stylus game Osu! (original Japanese title Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! for Nintendo Read more about Groove Coaster! A proper Guitar Hero for the iThing of your choice[…]

Audioboo: People Watching

And here is an audioboo of a brief thought I had while sitting in front of Tinseltown. It actually doesn’t have that much to do with sound, other than it was a moment of un-mediated observation happening in an unmediated acoustic environment as well. The boo is me reflecting on the fact that watching people Read more about Audioboo: People Watching[…]

Review – Finally…My Wisdoms on Inception, The App

I downloaded Inception the app almost right away when it came out, because of course, as an RjDj fan I knew about it. At the time I had a 3G iphone and had a really bad experience with it. It essentially wouldn’t play for me at all…It downloaded – so I assumed it would work, Read more about Review – Finally…My Wisdoms on Inception, The App[…]

RjDj Soundwalk

After a brief hiatus where I was busy with who-knows-what…Oh, yes, being obsessed with the Harry Potter series and already planning my next Severus Snape halloween costume, ahem; I am back to RjDj with ideas for a new scene. And I’ve re-discovered three scenes I didn’t give a decent chance before – Aware and Unowis, Read more about RjDj Soundwalk[…]

Audio gestures for gaming?

Audio Gaming – a company who develops costom sound tools for game developers (?) has a new toy called¬†Audio Gestures which is a plugin for the Wii or something like that where gyroscope info is ¬†used to drive somewhat continuous sonic parameters. Now, experimental musicians and electronic music students have been doing this (badly) for Read more about Audio gestures for gaming?[…]

Improvisation Across Abilities: Adaptive Use

Just a quick note to promote this initiative, set up by the Deep Listening Institute, a software that helps severely handicapped people, even ALS patients, create and improvise with music. The intiative needs to raise 15,000 dollars for training music therapists, teachers and other practitioners. Improvisation Across Abilities: Adaptive Use. This is one of the Read more about Improvisation Across Abilities: Adaptive Use[…]