Aural Postcard: The Smithsonian

I’ll preface this post by saying I almost missed my flight back to Vancouver because I was so set on visiting the museum of american history one more time. WOW. I could live in the Smithsonian area. I have actually been thinking about writing them a letter and begging them to give me a job. Read more about Aural Postcard: The Smithsonian[…]

Sensory Postcard: The Ghost Train

This is going to be a picture-less, sound-less postcard, but nevertheless I feel compelled to comment because it was such a unique, simple, yet savory experience. I was really charmed by the simplicity of multi-modality – an open train or real tracks, in the brisk cold night, huddled with strangers going through a narrow passageway Read more about Sensory Postcard: The Ghost Train[…]

Aural postcard: Disney in the Aquarium

So as part of ICAD 2012 in Atlanta, GA we got a private visit to the aquarium and as per usual, in addition to the amazing fish, whale sharks, belugas and giant manta rays, I was paying some attention to the sonic designs of each exhibit. Along with some cool “authentic sounds” by the beluga Read more about Aural postcard: Disney in the Aquarium[…]

From the Walkman to RJDJ

A recent interview I accidentally came into with Co-op radio Soundscape programme hosted by Brady Marks urged me to rediscover my previous work with RJDJ. Since I’ve been driving, it’s been honestly less enticing to use soundtrips and such, and work hasn’t allowed me that much time for playing around with interactive music and process Read more about From the Walkman to RJDJ[…]

Review – Dimensions: The Sonic Adventure Game

Ok, here are my super precious and wise thoughts on Dimensions the app, from the makers of RjDj and Inception. I am a long time RjDj user, love it, used Inception, it’s neat, so I was naturally really looking forward to Dimensions. An alternate reality ambient sound environment, for the iPhone? Yes! And here are my Read more about Review – Dimensions: The Sonic Adventure Game[…]

A Little Bit of Noise

I feel like noise is implicit in a lot of my posts, especially the aural postcards posts, but I often won’t feature it directly or elaborate on particular offending instances. Where I live is a fairly noisy location. Even during the night, the road is a thoroughfare for cars, ambulances (close to major hospitals) and various sirens Read more about A Little Bit of Noise[…]

Aural postcard – LANcouver

It’s been a little while for aural postcards for me … And I’ve actually collected some good ones but haven’t put any up. This weekend was LANcouver, a LAN gaming event at an old warehouse behind Great Northern Way campus…It was a rich and amazing aural atmosphere that included pretty much drag queen techno from Read more about Aural postcard – LANcouver[…]