From the Walkman to RJDJ

A recent interview I accidentally came into with Co-op radio Soundscape programme hosted by Brady Marks urged me to rediscover my previous work with RJDJ. Since I’ve been driving, it’s been honestly less enticing to use soundtrips and such, and work hasn’t allowed me that much time for playing around with interactive music and process Read more about From the Walkman to RJDJ[…]

Review – Video Annotation with vCode/vData

Just a little update from exploring vCode (vData) that I spoke about in my earlier post on Audio annotation. While I haven’t tried vCode with audio alone (it seems to only/mainly want to work with QT’s mov or mpeg formats) I did decide to give a few gameplay clips a try and see what sorts Read more about Review – Video Annotation with vCode/vData[…]

Review – Audio Annotation Comparisons

So, as I have benefited so many times before from user-written summaries of softwares, products, etc. I thought, on the odd chance this comes up on somebody’s search engine, I’d write my own experience so far looking at audio annotation software programs (to say nothing of my long searches for decent video annotations….) What do Read more about Review – Audio Annotation Comparisons[…]