Review – Audio Sharing Platforms Online/Mobile

So when I started this blog, I did a*little* research about blog popularity, ease-of-use, integration issues with media, embedding, etc. specifically related to being able to combine visual with auditory material here, and be able to import recordings, images, etc. from my phone. I chose WordPress as a blogging engine, Soundcloud for online audio uploading and sharing (mostly because of their pretty soundplayer interface), and pictures/dB readings I have to transfer from my phone into here, the old-fashioned way; audio recordings I take with the app Recorder, which allows me to transfer recordings via wi-fi on a dedicated IP channel. Yes, all programs in their own way attempt to make our lives easier. However, putting all of these packages together has proven to require many steps. I am starting to also wonder if I chose the best platform.

Perhaps I should have chosen Tumblr? Also, just after I established a process with Soundcloud, images, Recorder and wi-fi, I discovered Audioboo. I have not tested it yet, but it promises to be somewhat of an “audio Twitter”. Now, I don’t care to be part of an online community and share tracks (same deal with Soundcloud – I just stick to my own channel), but Audioboo apparently allows the automatic combination of geotags, images, annotations and recordings all at the same time/place. What I wonder is how that “package” can then be transferred into a WordPress post. Because that would be sweet! I cringe at the thought of switching again…but, if it is that much more convenient, I might do it.

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