Audio gestures for gaming?

Audio Gaming – a company who develops costom sound tools for game developers (?) has a new toy called¬†Audio Gestures which is a plugin for the Wii or something like that where gyroscope info is ¬†used to drive somewhat continuous sonic parameters. Now, experimental musicians and electronic music students have been doing this (badly) for years now, hacking a Wiimote to use its “gesture”-like characteristics to make it into a tangible instrument. Suprisingly – becuase it’s the first thing that comes to MY mind – I haven’t seen so much sound parameter dynamics using the Wii – engineering and computer geeks tend to use their own bend sensors and other gizmos. So, interesting culture-differences.

So, great idea, nice little video demo, happy to see this out there. I guess the only thing that’s grating on me is their suggestion that this tech will “cut down over 40% of sound design time” – did I fall asleep and the industry change and become game sound focused all of a sudden? I mean, I’m sure sound design takes a bit of time for any developer – oh, like 1/100 of the time it takes to do video and graphics design and animation?

Still, the possibilities of motion-controlled parametric audio change are only just beginning, and have to say that is an area that has always been of real interest given all my past work! I mean, the Kinect could be essentially the commercial version of socio-echo that we worked on back in 2004. I want a job there.

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