Audioboo: People Watching

And here is an audioboo of a brief thought I had while sitting in front of Tinseltown. It actually doesn’t have that much to do with sound, other than it was a moment of un-mediated observation happening in an unmediated acoustic environment as well. The boo is me reflecting on the fact that watching people in this way felt all of a sudden like “more” than what it was, important enough to reflect on. Reminded me of the way i grew up, culturally, people watching was such a dominant way of socializing outside. I think the thought I had was that is feels so much more consentual and organic as a social transaction than watching media (tv, etc.). We all participate in it and at different moments we are the observer or the observed, no one occupies a ┬ápermanent objectifying position. Anyways, here goes.

People watching (mp3)

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