From the Walkman to RJDJ

A recent interview I accidentally came into with Co-op radio Soundscape programme hosted by Brady Marks urged me to rediscover my previous work with RJDJ. Since I’ve been driving, it’s been honestly less enticing to use soundtrips and such, and work hasn’t allowed me that much time for playing around with interactive music and process composition. While preparing some new recordings for the broadcast I came to appreciate it once more – and was especially excited to discover a ton of new user-generated scenes. I kept forgetting they show up under interactive and not soundtrips. This is a short one I did in a nosy area near my house walking to the taco place. I am having to upload these sounds to Soundcloud, because honestly, I feel like RJDJ has completely abandoned what I thought they stood for, which is building a community around creating, composing, sharing and exploring reactive music, augmented listening and such.

Perhaps I was wrong all along, but after Inception – which I’d still applaud for its clever and aesthetically/musically striking design (a little boo for using Hollywood commercial music) – after that, it’s all been downhill in my most humble opinion. The scene uploading, the RJDJ app, the RJC1000 software are no longer (or not currently, for a while) being updated due to developers being busy with other projects – Dimensions and a brand new project, called Project Now. Those however, to me, are the components that made RJDJ a community, an open-source mobile music movement, and not just a company for apps. I was expecting a newer, better RJC1000, with more options to create more striking augmented soundscapes. With Dimensions I was expecting an auditory treasure hunt – a geo/art cache app with sounds. Perhaps because of my foundations in soundscape listening and composition, and acoustic ecology, I had been wrong all along, and RJDJ is actually just an alternative music label, a support platform for delivering commercial music, I don’t know. But I do know that they started something maybe they didn’t even expect, that has now been dropped by the wayside. if there seems to be any spite in my words, it’s only passion because I care. Or I did. But I’m just one person.

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  • BAM Milena – I couldn´t agree more with you – i just don´t understand how they could ever take this app from the market …well, but good news ! BÄÄÄÄM! – after so many years I finally found a way to play ALL(!!!) old RJDJ Soundtrips on my iPhone (for FREE!!!).
    (simply download the PDPARTY-app on your phone and download: ->inside is a folder rjdj-scenes… simply move the folders/scenes inside into (->iTunes/iphone/app/scroll down till special apps with documents->pdparty/drop the folders into the document´s section on the right)… well, this app really changed my life and inspired me a lot – it is simply A M A Z I N G ! and now I even start to understand that I can even modify them..which brings me a lot closer to what i am dreaming of since many years, because I make psychedelic-Audioguides (also with the roland cs-10 😉 and always searched for ways to implement live-effects as in RJDJ. So finally I am starting to dive into the world of PD/pdparty/Mobmuplat…and I am sure very soon we will have our possibilities to do gps-reactive-audiotrips! BAm
    Enjoy your Soundtrips – BAM

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