Aural Postcard: Ambleside Beach

I actually made this recording last year but clearly haven’t gotten around to posting it yet. It’s funny usually every summer i’m like a terminator determined to pack in as much sun, beach, water and sand i can into my existence. This year i was so burned out from work, I was content to just not work, and barely got out once or twice. Went to the beach all of three times, and didn’t go in the water once. I think all of this was my final┬árecapitulation┬áto Vancouver “summers” – it was just never hot enough for the damn ocean to warm up enough for swimming. This recording is such a pleasant memory because last year I still had that innocence and hope that real summer was just around the corner. This particular visit to the beach was so pleasant and peaceful, what struck me there was the serenity of the waves lapping at the beach with gentle people sounds around that I wasn’t annoyed by (which I usually am) Anyway, enjoy the quietude and ambiance:

Ambleside beach

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