Aural Postcard: Whitecaps Game

Whitecaps gameThis is just a small aural postcard of a soccer game I went to in the summer…Whitecaps is the Canadian team, and they played a friendly match against Seattle (I think). It’s been a while since I’ve been to a major sports event in one of those dome-creations and as always it is a very sonorous environment. Nothing like the World Cup or Euro Cup with the millions of vuvuzellas and screaming and fighting and so on, but still it was a very interesting and aurally dense combination of acoustic and electroacoustic sounds, coloured by the vast architecture of the space. And in an interesting way, even though the PA system (featured in the second sound example below) was certainly very dominant in its amplified glory, the acoustic sounds I’d say far overpowered any electroacoustic ones. As well as the sheer amount of people sounds such as footsteps, shuffling, conversations, etc. there were of course the crowd-powered “Boos”, chants and various other vocal soccer rituals such as the gurgling before someone of the opposite team scores, reactions to referee calls, etc. Most common of course were the group escalations to “aaaAAAAH” and “Owwwwww” if someone from “our” team is about to score, as well as, of course the familiarĀ eruptionĀ of jubilance once there is a goal (not too many times this game). Anyway, the two recordings I believe capture at once the acoustic power of the crowd sounds and the interventions of the PA system, announcing, god-like, details about the score. I have to say I was creepily reminded of the whole Hunger Games scenario, where the faceless voice of the Capitol sounds over the Cornucopia of the battlefield, and in each district. Something rather chilling about this faceless, disembodied centralized voice up in the high ceiling of the stadium.

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