Aural Postcard: Italian Days Street Festival

Well, I’m actually posting months later and as it happens I have largely forgotten what made me remark on this event and record it. I am pretty sure I took a db picture as well but alas, can’t locate it now. I just leave this with the hope you enjoy the recording which is a delightful (I think) stroll through the street crowd at Italian Days on the Drive (Vancouver) – a car free event in the summer with participation by the Italian community. Imagine sausage dog stands, pizza stands, craft tables, small stage performances on every corner for about 20 blocks on a hot summer day. Well ok, not hot, that would be too much to ask of the summer in Vancouver, but a sunny warm one. In this recording, I was walking by a particularly campy music stage, through a talkative group of strangers, and towards another latin beat corner. Enjoy.

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