Word on The Street Soundwalk series

Just a couple of exerpts from a lovely opportunity to do on-the-hour 20-minute soundwalks as part of the Vancouver Word on The Street project in 2012…it allowed us to just about circle the perimeter of Vancouver Public Library, but what a richness of different soundscapes – here is one exploration of a more typical ‘urban’ soundscape, and one more focussed on water and the water features in the area, concluding in the very quiet CBC building.

There was one other impactful moment I had, that I wasn’t able to record – walking by the CBC shop at street level – stopped my group to enjoy the interplay of traffic and the radio broadcast out of the shop. It was a Sunday, and the excerpt we heard was just so rich and meaningful – struck me as a real CBC moment. Reminded me of the power of radio. One moment you’re waiting to cross the street in the hustle and bustle of downtown, the next minute you’ve lost yourself listening to the interviewee talk about spirituality and religion and philosophy and the human condition.

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