The Worst Art Show ever

20131211-113905.jpg A couple of weeks ago I went to the FUSE event at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I am sorry to say for me this exhibit hit a new and unexpected low. There was literally nothing there that blew me away. There was barely enough stuff that was worth looking at to make up for standing in the rain for 30 mins to get in. With a membership! On the left here we have a semi-panoramic shot of one of the exhibit rooms, projections of people in crowds, in a room of crowding people. How meta! Most pieces in the exhibit felt like they were made by 1st year art students with very obtuse, didactic messages. Lack of finesse and nuance for me. One exhibit in a big room consisted of dense clotheslines of coloured (sari?) fabric hanging. Thinking they were for touching my friends and I walked through them only to be scolded on the other end to “not touch the artwork”. Uhm. Not that I really wanted to touch those tattered, cheesy fabrics, but what’s the point of having this exhibit without touching it? It was physically impossible to walk through it without touching it.


One of the only interesting pieces for me was the Boardroom (below) mostly because of the nice stage set. Elaborate and realistic. As for the message – lost me. Oh and that reminds me. Faaaaaar toooo many little screens projecting crap, with lots of dirty, tatty headphones hanging around for people to listen to. Hello? The FUSE is an event where people want to socialize, not retreat listening to lengthy films and interviews, or stand watching long videos as part of some installation somewhere. Not saying I want to be watching only paintings, but if I wanna watch a documentary I’d do it at home. Not what I go to the gallery for. The bottom floor Heida art exhibit was a sight for sore eyes and this coming from somebody who really dislikes First nations art. It’s just not to my taste. Yet that night it was hella better than everything else, exhibit and performances alike. The end.


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