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My name is Milena Droumeva and this is a pop-academic blog that I use to ramble about upcoming projects and ideas, review technology, showcase little media bits, collect interesting facts about sound, and a few odds and ends.

In my current research I explore the multimodal capturing of everyday sensory experience – something we already engage in with our smartphones – as a kind of mediated curation of everyday life, a practice alongside other cultural practices that define new media. My work includes sound studies, multimodal and sensory ethnography, innovative methodologies and analysis for media studies. I’m developing research areas around mobile digital citizenship / civic engagement, feminist sound studies, and sensory ethnography for media studies.

I started out studying sound, acoustic ecology and composition with Barry Truax at the School of Communication. At the School for Interactive Arts and Technologies (SIAT) I worked with Dr. Ron Wakkary and Dr. Alissa Antle on a number of interactive sound design projects including an ambient intelligent game, a physical user interface environment, a tangible interaction project with kids, a mixed-media installation, a public art project, several Flash game sound projects, and a kinetic sonic interactive display system prototype for the Solar Decathlon 2007-2009 for SFU’s contributions to Team North. (Team North won 4th place).

At the faculty of Education (Simon Fraser University) I worked with Dr. Suzanne de Castell on a cross-faculty team project on educational sustainability. In 2011 I also worked on a Stanford Research International-led project headed by Dr. Suzanne de Castell and Dr. Jen Jenson, investigating player identity in massively multiplayer online games; this project being part of a long lineage of de Castell and Jenson’s work with ludic epistemologies, educational gaming and gender in game cultures. Their newest project, Re-FIG, to emerge from an ongoing Feminists in Games initiative aims at studying and increasing women’s participation in the games industries.

Most recently I also served as a Learning Specialist for the social enterprise InWithForward for the project Kudoz – a catalogue of learning experiences for people with developmental disabilities. InWithForward is a service innovation co-design organization that blends social science, design and iterative prototyping along the lines of ‘maker’ culture and playful learning – methods and ideas that now inform my teaching philosophy. Currently, I am involved as an academic advisor for the Kudoz research think-tank, and a Scholar-in-Residence for Reflection Cafe.

Milena Droumeva, PhD
Glenfraser Professor in Sound Studies
School of Communication
Simon Fraser University
Research/Academic advisor, Kudoz Research Think-tank

Twitter @ambientfluff
Soundcloud @ambient-sonic                                                              https://www.sfu.ca/communication/people/faculty/mvdroume.html 

Other interests: soundwalking, neo-benshi, machinima, hearing conservationism, poetic recycling, faux contemporary dance, star trek, slash fiction, pottermore, diorama art.