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Sensory Postcard: Ghost Train 2014

November 4, 2014 Posted by Milena D

Following last year’s Ghost train ride, I went again this year, and this time I was prepared to record. Last year’s entry is special to me, because it was really one of the first experiences that made me reframe my entries from ‘aural’ to ‘sensory’ postcards. There was something about riding on that tiny rickety train, on real tracks, through the foggy night forest of Stanley Park, stacked up against other people, and surrounded by mechanical props as well as live actors, that made that experience particularly multi-sensory. And coming to expect these impressions, I set out to record them this year, as well as just pay more structured attention to them. Here is a shorter vignette version of the ghost train experience this year, themed “Mother Goose”. On a side note, I think the funding for this year’s festival was severely cut as there were about 1/10th of the amount of props and actors pulling this together. And here is a longer audio recording in Audioboo of a section that was particularly eerie where the train goes over the little lake. You can almost hear the fogginess of the night forest, the echoes and reflections off the water coming from multiple installation sites in the vicinity. Plus the foreground audience reactions and rhythmical tacking of the train itself.

Audioboo: People Watching

June 18, 2011 Posted by Milena D

And here is an audioboo of a brief thought I had while sitting in front of Tinseltown. It actually doesn’t have that much to do with sound, other than it was a moment of un-mediated observation happening in an unmediated acoustic environment as well. The boo is me reflecting on the fact that watching people in this way felt all of a sudden like “more” than what it was, important enough to reflect on. Reminded me of the way i grew up, culturally, people watching was such a dominant way of socializing outside. I think the thought I had was that is feels so much more consentual and organic as a social transaction than watching media (tv, etc.). We all participate in it and at different moments we are the observer or the observed, no one occupies a  permanent objectifying position. Anyways, here goes.

People watching (mp3)

Audioboo: Another Mall Rant

May 22, 2011 Posted by Milena D

It is what it is – another mall rant from me, in audioboo, I believe it has been many months since I last visited Metrotown, or any mall for any length of time for that matter…but it’s true, every time I do, the same feeling overwhelms me – that there is a compulsion, a design in place for me to act, be, feel a certain way inside, and something in me just rebels immediately against it. I feel instantly alone, simultaneously overstimulated and exhausted, numbed and yet safe. It’s a timeless black hole of the universe. Weird.

Another mall rant (mp3)



Review – Audio Sharing Platforms Online/Mobile

June 4, 2010 Posted by Milena D

So when I started this blog, I did a*little* research about blog popularity, ease-of-use, integration issues with media, embedding, etc. specifically related to being able to combine visual with auditory material here, and be able to import recordings, images, etc. from my phone. I chose WordPress as a blogging engine, Soundcloud for online audio uploading and sharing (mostly because of their pretty soundplayer interface), and pictures/dB readings I have to transfer from my phone into here, the old-fashioned way; audio recordings I take with the app Recorder, which allows me to transfer recordings via wi-fi on a dedicated IP channel. Yes, all programs in their own way attempt to make our lives easier. However, putting all of these packages together has proven to require many steps. I am starting to also wonder if I chose the best platform.

Perhaps I should have chosen Tumblr? Also, just after I established a process with Soundcloud, images, Recorder and wi-fi, I discovered Audioboo. I have not tested it yet, but it promises to be somewhat of an “audio Twitter”. Now, I don’t care to be part of an online community and share tracks (same deal with Soundcloud – I just stick to my own channel), but Audioboo apparently allows the automatic combination of geotags, images, annotations and recordings all at the same time/place. What I wonder is how that “package” can then be transferred into a WordPress post. Because that would be sweet! I cringe at the thought of switching again…but, if it is that much more convenient, I might do it.