Review – Finally…My Wisdoms on Inception, The App

I downloaded Inception the app almost right away when it came out, because of course, as an RjDj fan I knew about it. At the time I had a 3G iphone and had a really bad experience with it. It essentially wouldn’t play for me at all…It downloaded – so I assumed it would work, Read more about Review – Finally…My Wisdoms on Inception, The App[…]

RjDj Soundwalk

After a brief hiatus where I was busy with who-knows-what…Oh, yes, being obsessed with the Harry Potter series and already planning my next Severus Snape halloween costume, ahem; I am back to RjDj with ideas for a new scene. And I’ve re-discovered three scenes I didn’t give a decent chance before – Aware and Unowis, Read more about RjDj Soundwalk[…]

RjDj Universe!

Ok, I have discovered a whole new way of experiencing everyday listening….still through my iPhone. Will the possibilities never end????? (Steve Jobs, pay me now, for free promo, or gimme cheezburgr, ktnx). After downloading this app called RjDj a while back, and wondering what the heck it does, something made me go back to it Read more about RjDj Universe![…]

Aural Postcard: Jogging, Music, Place

Running, especially longer distances, is a time when our listening is probably much more acute than in the rest of our daily routine. Whether one is listening to an electroacoustic¬†soundscape over headphones, or just to the natural environment around them, there is nothing else to do but run and listen. If running with company, sometimes Read more about Aural Postcard: Jogging, Music, Place[…]

Reivew – Sound Level Meters for the iPhone

Just wanted to share two apps that I recently discovered for the iPhone. I was looking and trying to sift through various audio tools that are of decent quality given the hardware limitations (of which I am yet to educate myself). One of them comes from Faber Acoustical I haven’t personally tried it, but it Read more about Reivew – Sound Level Meters for the iPhone[…]