Aural postcard: Can-Am championship

Mainly what I wanted to demonstrate here is the chaotic – both visually and sonically – environment of the Can-Am championships, Vancouver 2012. In this corner of the video we see the Qigong competitors moving along to soft music with focus and concentration, next to the more advanced Taiji individual forms. Then the video pans Read more about Aural postcard: Can-Am championship[…]

Aha! Loudness War – from Wikimedia

Finally, someone has created a wiki-entry for what has been going on in the recording and music industry for decades now – (oh, and let’s not forget the advertising industry, one of the biggest culprits) – cranking up the volume on everything by expanding the dynamic range to the brim and running through a limiter. Read more about Aha! Loudness War – from Wikimedia[…]