“Science has given us music for cats”

¬†Oh lord, I think I may be a cat – I love this! Been thinking lately about art and humans and non-humans, and whether art is this elitist thing that belongs to humans only, and generally what is the role of art in human civilization, in society, where does it fit amongst other, seemingly more Read more about “Science has given us music for cats”[…]

Star Wars Lego “Barrel Organ”

The more I read about sound histories (thanks to J. Sterne, E. Thompson, H. Schwartz, S. Douglas and sooo many others now) the more I am fascinated by the Mechanical age of sound production, pre-analogue transduction, pre-digital of course. This definite Steampunk-type aesthetic but more than that, a completely transparent process of production, where mechanics Read more about Star Wars Lego “Barrel Organ”[…]

Aural postcard: Disney in the Aquarium

So as part of ICAD 2012 in Atlanta, GA we got a private visit to the aquarium and as per usual, in addition to the amazing fish, whale sharks, belugas and giant manta rays, I was paying some attention to the sonic designs of each exhibit. Along with some cool “authentic sounds” by the beluga Read more about Aural postcard: Disney in the Aquarium[…]

Pitchfork – Intel Soundplay

Someone sent me a link to this a little while ago so I’m not positive if this is a game sound engine by Intel, run by the Unity browser, or just a catchy product title, but the two features audio game projects on the Intel site are quite wonderful. To call them games is really Read more about Pitchfork – Intel Soundplay[…]

Review – Project NOW

And to follow up – my review on RJDJ’s latest app, in beta testing, Project NOW – the “perfect music for every moment”. Basically it is a fancy, glorified version of iTunes shuffle/genius, compiles your musical preferences by your own feedback of whether they #win or #fail. The catch – it selects music based on Read more about Review – Project NOW[…]

Aural Postcard: Blood Diamond Mix

Not that I have so much to say, but this happened recently and it was too good not to document. I guess just as an aside note, the iPhone has really “revolutionized” this type of documenting for me. Usually, even though I have a high-quality recorder, I’d only take it on special occasions, go purposefully Read more about Aural Postcard: Blood Diamond Mix[…]

Aha! Loudness War – from Wikimedia

Finally, someone has created a wiki-entry for what has been going on in the recording and music industry for decades now – (oh, and let’s not forget the advertising industry, one of the biggest culprits) – cranking up the volume on everything by expanding the dynamic range to the brim and running through a limiter. Read more about Aha! Loudness War – from Wikimedia[…]