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No More BIAS

July 26, 2012 Posted by Milena D

Having upgraded to Peak 7 LE a few months ago after frustrating incompatibility issues between Peak 6 and Lion OS, I was frustrated once again looking for an MP3 and MP2 encoder, not to mention an AAC encoder for Quicktime for making iPhone message tones. After a few unsuccessful tries to find and download said encoders, I cleverly clicked on the cached link to the Peak site, and discovered that BIAS Inc is no more! Yikes. My first response was outrage at having NO support for a product I was just pushed into upgrading to by a tech person (telling me straight up Peak 6 was incompatible with Lion forever) and since they don’t include documentation for easy access to additional encoders, THANKS a LOT, I am stuck. However, my second response was sadness and embarrassment at my very consumer-like response to what is obviously an economic downfall with very human dimensions…Steve Berkley, BIAS CEO’s cryptic explanation implicates strained employee relationships, conduct and morale issues…remding all of us somehow that behind every business/company are actual people, with actual problems and good days and bad days. I hate to think I too have bought unquestioningly into this idea that the customer is always right, and corporations are somehow there to be always, without fail accountable to me, and nice to me, and working for me, and that is somehow my right as a customer. Eeeesh.

So, a proper good-bye, I’ve been using Peak since 2001, Peak 2 or 3, somewhere around there, and the first Peak I owned by myself was Peak 6 with Sound Soap. I’ve enjoyed, recommended and used Peak for over a decade! Sad to see this company not be able to adapt to the “changing audio software market” as many have pointed out (see article link above)…this is no doubt yet one more move towards a global obliterating of medium-size business and vertical mergers into bigger and bigger corporation monopolies.

Now, let’s watch what happens to RIM next.

Audio gestures for gaming?

January 16, 2011 Posted by Milena D

Audio Gaming – a company who develops costom sound tools for game developers (?) has a new toy called¬†Audio Gestures which is a plugin for the Wii or something like that where gyroscope info is ¬†used to drive somewhat continuous sonic parameters. Now, experimental musicians and electronic music students have been doing this (badly) for years now, hacking a Wiimote to use its “gesture”-like characteristics to make it into a tangible instrument. Suprisingly – becuase it’s the first thing that comes to MY mind – I haven’t seen so much sound parameter dynamics using the Wii – engineering and computer geeks tend to use their own bend sensors and other gizmos. So, interesting culture-differences.

So, great idea, nice little video demo, happy to see this out there. I guess the only thing that’s grating on me is their suggestion that this tech will “cut down over 40% of sound design time” – did I fall asleep and the industry change and become game sound focused all of a sudden? I mean, I’m sure sound design takes a bit of time for any developer – oh, like 1/100 of the time it takes to do video and graphics design and animation?

Still, the possibilities of motion-controlled parametric audio change are only just beginning, and have to say that is an area that has always been of real interest given all my past work! I mean, the Kinect could be essentially the commercial version of socio-echo that we worked on back in 2004. I want a job there.

Review – Audio Sharing Platforms Online/Mobile

June 4, 2010 Posted by Milena D

So when I started this blog, I did a*little* research about blog popularity, ease-of-use, integration issues with media, embedding, etc. specifically related to being able to combine visual with auditory material here, and be able to import recordings, images, etc. from my phone. I chose WordPress as a blogging engine, Soundcloud for online audio uploading and sharing (mostly because of their pretty soundplayer interface), and pictures/dB readings I have to transfer from my phone into here, the old-fashioned way; audio recordings I take with the app Recorder, which allows me to transfer recordings via wi-fi on a dedicated IP channel. Yes, all programs in their own way attempt to make our lives easier. However, putting all of these packages together has proven to require many steps. I am starting to also wonder if I chose the best platform.

Perhaps I should have chosen Tumblr? Also, just after I established a process with Soundcloud, images, Recorder and wi-fi, I discovered Audioboo. I have not tested it yet, but it promises to be somewhat of an “audio Twitter”. Now, I don’t care to be part of an online community and share tracks (same deal with Soundcloud – I just stick to my own channel), but Audioboo apparently allows the automatic combination of geotags, images, annotations and recordings all at the same time/place. What I wonder is how that “package” can then be transferred into a WordPress post. Because that would be sweet! I cringe at the thought of switching again…but, if it is that much more convenient, I might do it.