Sensory Postcard: SFU campus

As an aside note, I am always playing catch-up with all my ‘sensory postcards’ – I take way too many photos, videos and audio recordings and can never manage to turn all of these experiences into blog entries…it really has become about ‘recording to remember now, not remember later’ (the tagline from fieldnotes). I guess if Read more about Sensory Postcard: SFU campus[…]

Aural Postcard: Sounds of PAX

PAX was an absolute aural candy as far as documenting goes…I probably drove my companion nuts recording, taking video, constantly measuring the environment. Inventory: The space was around four adjacent open-concept high-ceiling halls, as big as stadiums it seemed that housed games expos, vendors, gigantic individual company exhibits (Disney’s was particularly notable) complete with their individual mini-stages, and miked announcers. Lack Read more about Aural Postcard: Sounds of PAX[…]

Aural Postcard: The Reef

This is the ambience of a quite noisy restaurant in Vancouver with excellent Caribbean food. I have always noted how incredibly loud it is inside…we literally could barely hear each other, and in fact, I dare you to find any foreground voices in the recording…it just all got swallowed up in one big standing wave Read more about Aural Postcard: The Reef[…]

Aural Postcard: 2010 Olympics

I really wanted to do an aural postcard of the festivities following some olympic events as that is a one time opportunity for a field recorder (I still warmly gloat over my recordings of Commercial Drive’s meyhem over EuroCup 2007 when Portugal was playing Greece). So in fact, I’ll have several aural postcards, with a Read more about Aural Postcard: 2010 Olympics[…]

Aural Postcard: Poetry @Rhizome cafe

This is my first attempt at an aural postcard. The reason why I want to do this, inspired by the application “dB” is to give as full and rich idea as possible of a particular soundscape, particular aural context, what happened there for a length of time, details that other measures alone won’t be able Read more about Aural Postcard: Poetry @Rhizome cafe[…]

dB: Sound portraits, aural postcards

So I’ve become somewhat obssessed with sound level meter apps for the iPhone. After I bought dB from  Faber Acoustical I was confounded by the usual complaints I encountered on sound level app comments  pages – that it registers too high decibel levels. I mean, 77 decibels at a poetry reading, at a coffee shop, Read more about dB: Sound portraits, aural postcards[…]