From the Walkman to RJDJ

A recent interview I accidentally came into with Co-op radio Soundscape programme hosted by Brady Marks urged me to rediscover my previous work with RJDJ. Since I’ve been driving, it’s been honestly less enticing to use soundtrips and such, and work hasn’t allowed me that much time for playing around with interactive music and process Read more about From the Walkman to RJDJ[…]

Aural Postcard: Bikram, the Sound of Yoga

Sadly I wasn’t able to record any of this experience which is prompting me to write…but it is understandable I couldn’t really bring a recorder into a bikram’s studio. The environment there struck me for two reasons, first in a good way and then in an off-putting way. The class started with a series of Read more about Aural Postcard: Bikram, the Sound of Yoga[…]

Aural Postcard: Paradise

This post is a bit of a departure from “secondary orality” as it is about experiences in “nature” (covering my ass by putting contested words into quotation marks – priceless. Or words I use that I am not quite sure what I mean by…) However, in some ways this isn’t a departure, precisely because I Read more about Aural Postcard: Paradise[…]

Aural Postcard – Suffering for art?

During the last FUSE I went to (monthly event at the Vancouver Art Gallery), which by the way sucked anyway, with low attendance and third grade art/performances, I decided to once again employ my new fervid passion for sound level measurements. I didn’t take any recordings or get too caught up in measuring out of Read more about Aural Postcard – Suffering for art?[…]

Aural Postcard: 2010 Olympics

I really wanted to do an aural postcard of the festivities following some olympic events as that is a one time opportunity for a field recorder (I still warmly gloat over my recordings of Commercial Drive’s meyhem over EuroCup 2007 when Portugal was playing Greece). So in fact, I’ll have several aural postcards, with a Read more about Aural Postcard: 2010 Olympics[…]

Reivew – Sound Level Meters for the iPhone

Just wanted to share two apps that I recently discovered for the iPhone. I was looking and trying to sift through various audio tools that are of decent quality given the hardware limitations (of which I am yet to educate myself). One of them comes from Faber Acoustical I haven’t personally tried it, but it Read more about Reivew – Sound Level Meters for the iPhone[…]

America’s Vanishing Silence (story)

A professional acoustic ecologist! Wow. Good quotes from the video below – “Silence is the absense of sound, but quiet is something very different – a space away from human noise.” … “so much of the noise people make today is irrelevant to the natural world around them – it’s like listening to a concert Read more about America’s Vanishing Silence (story)[…]