Review – Audio Sharing Platforms Online/Mobile

So when I started this blog, I did a*little* research about blog popularity, ease-of-use, integration issues with media, embedding, etc. specifically related to being able to combine visual with auditory material here, and be able to import recordings, images, etc. from my phone. I chose WordPress as a blogging engine, Soundcloud for online audio uploading Read more about Review – Audio Sharing Platforms Online/Mobile[…]

Aural Postcard: Video Games Live

This was my first Video Games Live. Even though I went to a Final Fantasy – themed concert, I hadn’t been to VGL. Wow! What a great, fun, interesting event. Where do I begin – the demographic of 80% pimply teenagers filling the Queen E Theatre, the guitar hero competition in the lobby, the whistling Read more about Aural Postcard: Video Games Live[…]

Reivew – Sound Level Meters for the iPhone

Just wanted to share two apps that I recently discovered for the iPhone. I was looking and trying to sift through various audio tools that are of decent quality given the hardware limitations (of which I am yet to educate myself). One of them comes from Faber Acoustical I haven’t personally tried it, but it Read more about Reivew – Sound Level Meters for the iPhone[…]

America’s Vanishing Silence (story)

A professional acoustic ecologist! Wow. Good quotes from the video below – “Silence is the absense of sound, but quiet is something very different – a space away from human noise.” … “so much of the noise people make today is irrelevant to the natural world around them – it’s like listening to a concert Read more about America’s Vanishing Silence (story)[…]